The company

SteRo mixing technologies GmbH is a merger of two companies that have been active in the biogas market for many years, Steverding Rührwerkstechnik and PTM (managed by Mr.
Rostalski) with the aim of creating innovations that will revolutionize and optimize the biogas market.

We have made it our task to improve the biogas market through new developments, to optimize biogas plants and to maximize gas yields. This is not possible without the technical accessories.

Steverding Rührwerkstechnik GmbH is a manufacturer and expert for large paddle agitators in the toughest areas of application. The in-house research and development department has already successfully launched new concepts and is always working on new innovations that offer added value to the biogas market.

PTM GmbH is a specialized manufacturer of high-quality submersible motor and propeller mixers with many years of experience in a wide variety of applications. Through this experience, the requirements for sophisticated technology in the application of biogas are known in detail and are incorporated into the development of new products.

Together, Steverding Rührwerkstechnik GmbH and PTM form the SteRo mixing technologies.

A center for experience, know-how and ideas.

Our development

We have our own research and development department in-house. This works every day on improvements and innovations for products on the agitator and biogas market.

From the idea to the finished product

Research, develop and test. This is part of the development process.
Continuous improvement is our goal, the idea of sustainability is our drive.
The decades of experience of both individual companies, bundled in SteRo mixing technologies GmbH, flow into our work.

Based on the developments so far, we have already been put to the test countless times. There were doubts, discussions and projects put on hold. Not every path leads to the goal, but many paths lead there. Finding the right way is our task.

Testing theories in practice is part of the development process. Our development department has therefore built some test stands to best test these theories.
You can get an insight into the specially developed and built test stands here.